Patricia Saucedo is the owner and founder of Agave Weddings and oversees all of the planning & organization for our weddings and events.

To family and friends, Patricia has always been the emergency first responder on speed-dial! Whether the in-laws made a surprise visit and the oven is on the fritz, or someone forgot to pick up the groomsmen's suits an hour before the ceremony, Patricia finds a way to make magic happen. She is calm, clear-headed and almost transcendently zen in times of trouble. She's basically every couple's dream fairy godmother, sprinkling love and life on everything she touches.

Before founding Agave Weddings, Patricia worked as a Project Manager for sustainable land developments in the Yucatán jungle and was a Regional Board Member for Make a Wish's Central Texas Branch. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University, Patricia has the financially savvy mind to work within any budget and is always up for a new planning challenge!


Operations Manager


Erica Saucedo took her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin and carved out a freelance career unlike any other! She is a professional dance artist, branding consultant, community outreach director, and the operations manager for Agave Weddings. Erica breathes passion and life into everything she does and approaches every challenge with the creative problem-solving necessary to get the job done. She works in Austin and New York City, but currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Follow her if you don't believe us.